Fishing, rods, reels, trophies and a sharing a love of outdoor sports with others.

Fishing We will endeavor throughout this website to continue to bring you the most from fishing whether it be equipment, training , videos, forums, and an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and knowledge with others.So if you are looking for something and we don’t have it please feel free to ask and we will do all that we can to find it. This website is all about you and about us helping you to be a better and more productive angler and get more out of your outdoor experience.


Fishing Equipment

We will continue to up date this site with the latest in equipment. So watch it grow and give us your suggestions of what your looking for and become a part of our growth.


You will find blogs that will cover a number of topics from  trips, to equipment, to current issues effecting out door sports, to just some friendly conversation about future direction in sports and our part.


There will be a growing library of videos for instruction and  fishing . For the visual aspect to help with the seeing how to and destinations.

 Instructional Materials

Compiling over time books and video resources the you purchase to add to your library along with ones that you will be able to access free.

A Commitment to Growth

That we will be committed to the the growth of both this site and your own personal growth as an angler.Our part is to continue to bring you the latest in equipment and to help you by allowing you to tell us what your looking for so that we are better able to serve you. So please let us know what you need and how we are doing . Its your input that will help us to help you this site is about where you want to be as an angler.

A  Place to Share Thoughts With Others

To provide a place for an open forum where other like minded people can exchange thoughts and ideas, some commendatory, a chance to show our latest catch and ask questions about how equipment preforms in the field with the real experts the the regular guys and gals who love to fish and do it well and there only purpose is to continue the heritage of a sport they really love.





We here to help you and become a resource for your sporting needs


Jeff Ciero

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