Its getting hard to get away from the realization that we have a problem with invasive species destroying the balance of nature in our country that if not dealt with will eventually over run and destroy the wild life that is native to us in the US and send things spinning out of balance . We have Asian Carp which have all but taken over the Illinois river and are pushing towards Lake Michigan, Snake Heads in the Potomac River, the Nutria Rat in Louisiana, and of coarse one of my favorites the Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades. They grow up to  30 feet in length and have been found to swallow alligators. They found one split open because the gator it swallowed was to big, hows that for your eyes being bigger than belly. Now they are starting to migrate out of the swamps and into the residential areas so watch out for your children and pets, and be prepared like carrying a large knife and a side arm. Talk about living in a jungle. Thank goodness Florida had the sense to pass a right to carry law not like some brain dead Legislators for , let me think now . Oh yes Illinois my home state but that’s a story for another time.


Its time we started taking the matter with the gravity it should be taken with. Consider this that no matter how hard we try the possibility of us completely ingratiating these vermin are slim at least and if we can what would be the cost to the Eco system .  Its time we considered finding a sensible way to reduce their population and allow the our local wild life to flourish.  Some times introduction of one of the invaders natural predators can help i.e. Lake Michigan the Salmon which has totally controlled the Ale wive population and made for some of the best fishing and eating ( Fresh caught Salmon filet smoked on the the grill with a Basil creme sauce) Yum.

But it needs to carefully thought out because sometimes it goes a miss. i.e. Jamaica they brought in the Mongoose to control the snake population and low and behold no more snakes great right until they started attacking chickens. If you can’t eat snake why not chicken they say they taste the same. Apparently the mongoose thinks so.

Wolves are helping with the deer population in Minnesota and Yellowstone bringing balance back because of over population of red tail deer do to no natural predators,   but because their population is growing to large they are thinking about reintroducing their only predator , guess who. That’s right they are thinking about issuing  a limited number of hunting tags in order to keep the population under control and to keep the balance in the Wolf population so as not to have them preying on live stock again maintaining a balance What ever path we take we must consider maintaining balance in nature will leave will leave a healthy outdoor for our posterity and our safety without realizing the importance of that balance we are destine to come up short in the years to come .  I would like to leave something behind as a good Stewart so that I can leave here and say with integrity Jeff was here.


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