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Left overs that never got posted

Strange title for a this post  but who ever said I was normal. Winters here and now that fishing season has come to a halt here because its to cold for regular fishing and not cold enough for ice fishing so I thought maybe I just serve up some earlier trips that never made the page. One of my favorite places to fish is the Gulf probably because I almost always found it a great place to fish both in being productive and in the variety of species that you can find and yes of coarse because I have family that lives there.  The Matlacha  area is great   and Trout, Snook and Tarpon are main stays in that area and when not staying with family we like Tween Water Inn in Captiva.. Trout fishing with my Uncle Fred has always been a great thrill a minute outing we are always on the move ( trying to stay just out in from of the bait fish) casting until the school  goes by and then moving out in front of them again the fishing goes quiet anticipation to fast and furious to a lull and then we are on the move . My uncle is one of the best I ever fished with for following that bait  ball and anticipating its movement . And today was no exception the trout   fishing was great we used the standard rig 20-lb mono with a spinning reel and a medium rod . MirrOlure is the first lure I ever used and its still one of my favorites today its a top dog color silver 4inch 1/2 oz lure with a medium retrieve and a twitching motion . Sorry about the lack of picture but you’ll see that change this year, its not been my strong point but due to technology digital s are light weight so I can carry one with me.  Average weight was 5-7 lb range  no real monsters that day but a lot of fun to catch. We hook  about forty decided to call it a day .  Trying to find my back again to do a little more fishing and visit with my sister and her family in the Sarasota area. Still trying to get some time to get to see my son in San Diego and and spend some time with him so we can do a little fishing together on the west coast. Never been fishing there so that would be a first.


Question of Balance Part 2

 Is ti me or does it seem like every time like there is no end to the number of invasive species that are showing up in our waters and land. It seems that the Atlantic side of the  the USA  is now being over taken by  Lion fish that are effecting the reefs and fish  population on the reefs. Yes those fish you find in many salt water aquariums, how nice. Lets pause a minute and see if we can think of how they got there; you get two guesses and the last one doesn’t count.   You got it some well meaning person or persons decided the did not want there fish and decided to put them back where they came from,  the Ocean great idea except for one problem wrong Ocean and so they are in a place where there are no other predators to keep them in check and so they reproduce with out any thing to thin them out. Spear fisherman have decided to take out as many as they can. Thanks guys keep up the good work. I don’t know about you but for a country where we constantly hear about taking care of our natural resources to the tune of fees and licenses being imposed on both Sport and Commercial fishing and expected to preserve the the future of fishing don’t you think that the Government ought to practice what they preach and weigh in on this issue instead of dismissing it. Sorry just me but I would like to leave something behind for the next guy. And please for all you exotic pet owners before you release them think twice and beware if they’re not from here possibilities are that they don’t belong here unless they are in a contained environment ask any Zoo keeper or one of the major aquariums. Its time to take the Asian Carp and turn it into a food source plenty of people who could use it in the world we export wheat why not carp. People would eat and others would have work from the jobs produced by the canning and fishing industry how about that  for a boost to the economy . There are definitely a lot of possibilities and forgive me from saying so but there probably going to come from the private sector. Don’t give up the fight on the Government side bug your Government representatives about the ecological and the job side of the issue and look to private industry to create the jobs that way it won’t cost us anything.


Looking to the Future.


A Question of Balance

Its getting hard to get away from the realization that we have a problem with invasive species destroying the balance of nature in our country that if not dealt with will eventually over run and destroy the wild life that is native to us in the US and send things spinning out of balance . We have Asian Carp which have all but taken over the Illinois river and are pushing towards Lake Michigan, Snake Heads in the Potomac River, the Nutria Rat in Louisiana, and of coarse one of my favorites the Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades. They grow up to  30 feet in length and have been found to swallow alligators. They found one split open because the gator it swallowed was to big, hows that for your eyes being bigger than belly. Now they are starting to migrate out of the swamps and into the residential areas so watch out for your children and pets, and be prepared like carrying a large knife and a side arm. Talk about living in a jungle. Thank goodness Florida had the sense to pass a right to carry law not like some brain dead Legislators for , let me think now . Oh yes Illinois my home state but that’s a story for another time.


Its time we started taking the matter with the gravity it should be taken with. Consider this that no matter how hard we try the possibility of us completely ingratiating these vermin are slim at least and if we can what would be the cost to the Eco system .  Its time we considered finding a sensible way to reduce their population and allow the our local wild life to flourish.  Some times introduction of one of the invaders natural predators can help i.e. Lake Michigan the Salmon which has totally controlled the Ale wive population and made for some of the best fishing and eating ( Fresh caught Salmon filet smoked on the the grill with a Basil creme sauce) Yum.

But it needs to carefully thought out because sometimes it goes a miss. i.e. Jamaica they brought in the Mongoose to control the snake population and low and behold no more snakes great right until they started attacking chickens. If you can’t eat snake why not chicken they say they taste the same. Apparently the mongoose thinks so.

Wolves are helping with the deer population in Minnesota and Yellowstone bringing balance back because of over population of red tail deer do to no natural predators,   but because their population is growing to large they are thinking about reintroducing their only predator , guess who. That’s right they are thinking about issuing  a limited number of hunting tags in order to keep the population under control and to keep the balance in the Wolf population so as not to have them preying on live stock again maintaining a balance What ever path we take we must consider maintaining balance in nature will leave will leave a healthy outdoor for our posterity and our safety without realizing the importance of that balance we are destine to come up short in the years to come .  I would like to leave something behind as a good Stewart so that I can leave here and say with integrity Jeff was here.


From cyber space to reality

This is the page I lost in cyber space just like so many of us are with our i pods, I phones, computers, cell phones and numerous other things that remove us from society and drop us in our own world of distractions. But since this site is dedicated to fishing and the pursuit thereof you ask what does that have to do with fishing. Simple stop and smell the flowers in other words go do something with someone else that will get you off the couch off the phone, off the television, off the computer and off what you are sitting on and out into the fresh air surround by magnificent scenery for the most part and sharing your time, your conversation, some laughs, and some excitement by garbing a rod and reel and going out and getting a line wet. Now that’s reality. Now that I’m talking about it I’m ready to go. As a matter of fact my oldest son who is in the Marine Corps got married a short while ago in Clearwater Florida and when I ask what he wanted to do while we were there, well you guest it the morning of the the wedding six of us were out in the Gulf fishing for King Mackerel and the fishing was great. Don’t freak out ladies my now daughter in law was fine with it and it was a great time with my sons and my brother in law and his son in law and grandson who though a Floridan went for his first time salt water and he’s hooked; lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of sun, and a lots of fish, which by the way we had a big fish fry for the family the next day at my nieces house thanks Mark and Beth for the hospitality same for you Rod and Diane you can’t beat it. Can’t have that much fun fiddling with your electronics. Someone once said to me my worst day fishing is better then my best day at work. By the way its all right to harvest some fish if you like fish but always show stewardship and take what you need so there is something for future generations to enjoy.

From one person who is truly great full for the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and other family and friends.

Jeff Ciero


Fishing line for the anger who has everything its there is probably going to be more than one kind of reel and more than one kind of line from mono filament, to braided, to fluorocarbon, to fusion, in different pound test ranging from 2lb – 50lb for fresh water depending on the species of fish and or the conditions that they are going to fish in. But lets address the issue of which one should I get. May I say this if your pockets aren’t deep and you haven’t been angling for a long time then start where most of us started years ago mono filament which is the best bang for your buck and has improved over the years. Most of us that have been fishing for a while have collected our equipment couple pieces at a time over the years we just regular guys who like to fish and do when ever and as often as we can. So ask your self these three questions before you buy.

What kind of fish am I going to be fishing for. Which by the way will help you in selecting not only line but rods, reels, lures, baits and methods of fishing. For instance if you like to fish for Bass and plan on fishing heavy cover grass, lily pads braided line is the way to go and plan on going with a heavy test line and medium heavy rod because you are going to have to pull the lures and the fish through the cover and sometimes there is almost as much grass as fish coming in the boat. The fact that it has no stretch gives it greater sensitivity and makes it easier to set the hook Its also give you higher strength with thinner line which is a plus for how much your spool will hold. And by the way don’t think that just because you don’t have braided line on your reel you can’t fish the weeds we did for years with out.

Braid line has it perks but mono filament line still works you got to jump in and get the feel for what your using. Mastering the equipment you have will give you insight into what your looking for and feel comfortable fishing with it you can always try something else as you go if you you have two rods and reels I suggest that you put different lines on each reel and compare them look for sensitivity, how well they cast via distance and smoothness believe me when I say you will do a lot of casting if your lure fishing that’s one of the benefits of the newer rods and reels they’re lighter and more sensitive and easier on you in the long hall.

Be talking about this a little more latter.