This is the page I lost in cyber space just like so many of us are with our i pods, I phones, computers, cell phones and numerous other things that remove us from society and drop us in our own world of distractions. But since this site is dedicated to fishing and the pursuit thereof you ask what does that have to do with fishing. Simple stop and smell the flowers in other words go do something with someone else that will get you off the couch off the phone, off the television, off the computer and off what you are sitting on and out into the fresh air surround by magnificent scenery for the most part and sharing your time, your conversation, some laughs, and some excitement by garbing a rod and reel and going out and getting a line wet. Now that’s reality. Now that I’m talking about it I’m ready to go. As a matter of fact my oldest son who is in the Marine Corps got married a short while ago in Clearwater Florida and when I ask what he wanted to do while we were there, well you guest it the morning of the the wedding six of us were out in the Gulf fishing for King Mackerel and the fishing was great. Don’t freak out ladies my now daughter in law was fine with it and it was a great time with my sons and my brother in law and his son in law and grandson who though a Floridan went for his first time salt water and he’s hooked; lots of laughs, lots of fun, lots of sun, and a lots of fish, which by the way we had a big fish fry for the family the next day at my nieces house thanks Mark and Beth for the hospitality same for you Rod and Diane you can’t beat it. Can’t have that much fun fiddling with your electronics. Someone once said to me my worst day fishing is better then my best day at work. By the way its all right to harvest some fish if you like fish but always show stewardship and take what you need so there is something for future generations to enjoy.

From one person who is truly great full for the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and other family and friends.

Jeff Ciero

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