Strange title for a this post  but who ever said I was normal. Winters here and now that fishing season has come to a halt here because its to cold for regular fishing and not cold enough for ice fishing so I thought maybe I just serve up some earlier trips that never made the page. One of my favorite places to fish is the Gulf probably because I almost always found it a great place to fish both in being productive and in the variety of species that you can find and yes of coarse because I have family that lives there.  The Matlacha  area is great   and Trout, Snook and Tarpon are main stays in that area and when not staying with family we like Tween Water Inn in Captiva.. Trout fishing with my Uncle Fred has always been a great thrill a minute outing we are always on the move ( trying to stay just out in from of the bait fish) casting until the school  goes by and then moving out in front of them again the fishing goes quiet anticipation to fast and furious to a lull and then we are on the move . My uncle is one of the best I ever fished with for following that bait  ball and anticipating its movement . And today was no exception the trout   fishing was great we used the standard rig 20-lb mono with a spinning reel and a medium rod . MirrOlure is the first lure I ever used and its still one of my favorites today its a top dog color silver 4inch 1/2 oz lure with a medium retrieve and a twitching motion . Sorry about the lack of picture but you’ll see that change this year, its not been my strong point but due to technology digital s are light weight so I can carry one with me.  Average weight was 5-7 lb range  no real monsters that day but a lot of fun to catch. We hook  about forty decided to call it a day .  Trying to find my back again to do a little more fishing and visit with my sister and her family in the Sarasota area. Still trying to get some time to get to see my son in San Diego and and spend some time with him so we can do a little fishing together on the west coast. Never been fishing there so that would be a first.


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