Is ti me or does it seem like every time like there is no end to the number of invasive species that are showing up in our waters and land. It seems that the Atlantic side of the  the USA  is now being over taken by  Lion fish that are effecting the reefs and fish  population on the reefs. Yes those fish you find in many salt water aquariums, how nice. Lets pause a minute and see if we can think of how they got there; you get two guesses and the last one doesn’t count.   You got it some well meaning person or persons decided the did not want there fish and decided to put them back where they came from,  the Ocean great idea except for one problem wrong Ocean and so they are in a place where there are no other predators to keep them in check and so they reproduce with out any thing to thin them out. Spear fisherman have decided to take out as many as they can. Thanks guys keep up the good work. I don’t know about you but for a country where we constantly hear about taking care of our natural resources to the tune of fees and licenses being imposed on both Sport and Commercial fishing and expected to preserve the the future of fishing don’t you think that the Government ought to practice what they preach and weigh in on this issue instead of dismissing it. Sorry just me but I would like to leave something behind for the next guy. And please for all you exotic pet owners before you release them think twice and beware if they’re not from here possibilities are that they don’t belong here unless they are in a contained environment ask any Zoo keeper or one of the major aquariums. Its time to take the Asian Carp and turn it into a food source plenty of people who could use it in the world we export wheat why not carp. People would eat and others would have work from the jobs produced by the canning and fishing industry how about that  for a boost to the economy . There are definitely a lot of possibilities and forgive me from saying so but there probably going to come from the private sector. Don’t give up the fight on the Government side bug your Government representatives about the ecological and the job side of the issue and look to private industry to create the jobs that way it won’t cost us anything.


Looking to the Future.


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