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I have to say that I tend to lean to spinning reels a lot. The first reels I ever used were Spinning reels, Zebco to be exact which for a young child was as simple as it gets and bait casting just because my Dad had a couple of old southbends with rads with the trigger grip and which were metal with a simulated pearl look on the handle. If I remember anything about them it was that I always managed to create the best bird nests with the line in the spools that you ever have seen and spent more time trying to untangle my reel then I did fishing. The first spinning reels we ever had were Mitchel 300 at the suggestion of my one great uncle Fred who lived in Florida. He said that Spinning reels were harder to tangle and that they were easier to untangle when the situation arouse and he was right.

So my number one suggestion for reels is always a spinning reels. They are easy to use and come in a wide price range to fit the pocket book and are able to handle fish that are hard running. I know I used that Mitchel 300 spooled up with 20lb test to fish for Trout and Snook in the Gulf and even try my hand at smaller Tarpon and never burned it up. So here are some pro’s they are easy to cast and with the right rod you can get some awesome distance. Spinning reels are great for placing your casts where you want them and with today’s gear ratios you can retrieve a lot of line with one turn of the handle. The Spinning reels spool is easily changed which is great if you want to change the type, test or capacity, I know I have done many time while I was out fishing.

One draw back is that Spinning reels produce more coiling in line especially mono filament which tends to have more memory. And by the way I taught my children to use Spinning reels and they still use Spinning reels today and were good at casting them. when they are very young spin casting is the easiest as long as they remember to hold on to the rod. They have come a long way from my Mitchel they are light, have better drag systems, are more corrosive resistant, are smoother and quitter and can retrieve a whole lot of line fast.

So find Spinning reels that fit what your fishing for and fit your finances you will be amazed just how versatile Spinning reels are.


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