Fishing for Walleyes in lake Erie is one of the trips I enjoy and trolling with spoons has become one of the given meathods for producing some good fish and though I’m not opposed to it I still prefer drift fishing where I’m actually casting and retrieving a lure myself the thrill of feeling the strike while working the lure gets your heart  pumping and your adrenaline moving plus when the bite is light finesing  the lure by stopping or slowing  the retrieve and allowing it to sink like an injured bait fish and starting again and producing those second and third strikes before getting a good hook set is exhilarating and can,t be beat. Be honest which one do you prefer. One of the pro’s to trolling to me is the ability to cover more water and to keep the spoon, lure or bait running at a fairly consistent depth and speed. When  you are using a cast and retrieve method you want to let the lure sink down to the depth where the fish are at and retrieve it back through the where they are suspended looking for a strike on the way down as well as the way up. Be sure to check the depth on the your fish finder and count down the drop so you what depth your at and pay attention if your line it goes slack and you know its not at the bottom it could be a fish picked up your lure on the way down. Believe when I say I’m not against trolling we go out on lake Michigan for Salmon and the Gulf as a matter of fact that what we were doing when we caught the Kings Mackerel on the site we were trolling using live bait, mullet finger lings and did great but it still a thrill to do be in the drivers seat all the way. Casting working the bait and actually feeling the strike and setting the hook nothing beats it. Well I guess you know were I stand how about you.


Rod and reel in hand.


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